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Who we are

We fuel dreams by empowering youth & their families with the skills to thrive.

Supporting Youth. Restoring Families.

As a non-profit organization, iCan Dream Center connects youth to holistic, innovative special education services. Responding to the urgent societal need to slow the school to prison pipeline in suburban Chicago, we are committed to making a positive contribution by fostering an education setting where neurodiverse youth have access to the skills, resources, and opportunities necessary to thrive beyond their labels.

What we do

The iCan Dream Center provides quality programming for youth. We specialize in working with students with intellectual disabilities, autism, and various learning difficulties.

Transition Program

iCan Dream Center is an ISBE Approved Transition Program that provides students with a supported, meaningful, and successful transition into adulthood.

High School Credit Recovery

This program provides the unique opportunity for students to receive high school credits and transition services while addressing the internalized barriers that result from marginalization.

After School Program

We provide quality recreational therapeutic after school programming for youth. Once a month we provide a cost-free Saturday Experience designed for young adults that is open to the community.

ABA / Counseling Program

Dream Weavers provides intensive Counseling Services using ABA Modalities to clients in their homes, school and at iCan Dream Center.

Early Childhood Education Program

We provide a fun and safe environment for preschool-aged children with diverse learning needs.

Parent Support Group

We provide training, resources and an opportunity for parents to connect, share and vent. We are committed to combatting the feelings of frustration, helplessness and uncertainty that can accompany caring for individuals with disabilities.