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Behavioral Specialists are responsible for developing, executing, and assessing activities designed to improve the functional and behavioral skills of students. The Behavioral Specialist incorporates Applied Behavioral Analysis strategies during instruction with students. The Behavior Specialist cultivates a positive learning environment designed to increase the productivity and development of the students. This role reports directly to the program coordinator. 


    • Maintain working familiarity with student IEP to synthesize goals with daily activities   
    • Collaborate with stakeholders on student behavioral, functional and SEL needs to effectively implement interventions 
    • Create effective ways to employ behavior management and collect data during instruction  


  • Support the facilitation of curriculum  
  • Infuse behavior management strategies while building relationships with students  
  • Monitor and collect data on functional skills and behavior outcomes
  • Communicate with staff on ongoing behavior modifications and curriculum adjustments needed for students  


    • Remain current with appropriate certifications (CPR, CPI, RBT, etc.) and continuous professional development.
    • Assess collected data and research formative actives to maintain/increase student outcomes  
    • Consult with the team about student progress, roadblocks and explore intervention suggestions  

Do you value connection to youth? Do you believe your purpose is to help individuals live fuller lives? Do you like to have fun at work? Desire to be part of an awesome team? 

If the answer is yes, #ComeDrewamWithUs! 

Transportation Specialists are the first point of contact for students.  We rely on our Drivers to set the tone for the day! (Now, there is a lot of responsibility!)  They provide the most expeditious, pleasant, and safe transportation of our students from home to the center and to various internship sites. They monitor and provide feedback to optimize routes, ensure the longevity of the vehicles, and maintain adequate fuel levels. This role necessitates observing and proactively addressing student behavior. 

Want to earn some money but keep your days free? 

This is a part-time job with about 20 hours per week with opportunities for overtime.  

The details: 

  • Promote the safety and comfort of all students
  • Engage in dialogue with students in a manner that displays genuine regard
  • Ensure that route lists, emergency student contacts and insurance cards in the vehicle are current and accessible.
  • Share information that impacts students with supervisor (you are a valued member of our students’ team of supportive adults!)
  • At all times, maintain confidentiality and professionalism with the information that is shared by or about students and staff.
  • Performs other duties as assigned— (e.g., Encourage our learners to be the best they can be!)

What does it take to join this awesome team?  

  • A great attitude. Enthusiasm. Flexibility.
  • At least 25 years on Earth.
  • Do you have a Paraprofessional license!? Not required, but definitely a bonus. 

Do you value authentic connections to students? Do you believe your purpose is to help individuals live fuller lives? Do you like to have fun at work? Desire to be a part of an awesome team?

If your answer is yes to theses question… #ComeDreamWithUS

What’s the scoop?  

Our awesome instructors plan, organize and implement individualized programs that improve students’ functional, academic, vocational skills nd support their social/emotional growth. The instructor also cultivates a positive culture and climate within the instructional setting. (BTW, We are known for our amazing school climate)

Here are the Deets:

  • Create lesson plans
  • Collaborate with other service providers
  • Monitor students’ ongoing academic and functional progress
  • Implement lesson plans through (primarily) project-based instruction
  • Utilize relevant technology to support and differentiate instruction
  • Prioritize student safety by maintaining proper student/staff ratio and ensuring students are always supervised. (Our ratio is only 5 learners to every 1 team member!)
  • Engage in weekly planning meetings; make meaningful contributions and absorb new professional practices from colleagues (Our team likes one each other a lot which leads to some great innovation!)

What you need to join the team:

  • A great attitude. Passion for learners. A “think outside the box” mentality prepared to innovate. Oh! And a Professional Educators License LBSI and/or a Type 04 (either obtained or currently in-progress)


Please submit your resume using the form below. If you experience any issues, please contact: [email protected]

Thank you!