Dreamcatchers Transition Program

iCan Dream Center is an ISBE Approved Transition Program that provides students with a supported, meaningful, and successful transition into adulthood.  We are located in Hazel Crest, with licensed teaching and paraprofessional staff, as well as related service providers who have the ability to support students and provide an environment which encourages self-growth for the students as they work toward their personal goals.

iCan Dream Center Transition Program teaches students how to generalize  their knowledge and develop the critical skills needed to transition into a successful and fulfilling life. Goals are developed collaboratively between student, family, and transition staff using a person-centered approach.

The goal of the program is for students to be linked to the services they need upon their exit, whether it is employment, vocational training, volunteering or adult services. The linkage is individual and personal to each student. Students in this program will benefit from continuing their academic programs while also gaining paid vocational experiences within the community.

In addition, students in this program will have the following opportunities:

  •        Career Speakers
  •        Weekly community integration activities
  •        Fine Art Activities


The curriculum for the Transition Program focuses on the areas of life skills, academics, vocational skills, and self-advocacy. Curricular topics and sup-
ports include, but are not limited to:



  • Personal care, hygiene, fitness



  • Money skills, time management, computer usage



  • Appropriate work habits and behavior, volunteer opportunities, paid employment, safety skills

Recreational Skills

  • Planning and participation in community integration activities, peer group activities, leisure activities



  • Money skills, time management, computer usage
The curriculum is enhanced with community-based experiences in all areas, including job placement (both supported and competitive), focus on the
development of critical social skills that will optimize the transition into adulthood. A small student-to-teacher ratio allows staff to provide the best support possible to each student, based on his or her own goals. Students are also supported with therapeutic resources and behavioral health services that are second to none.

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