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The iCan Dream Foundation strives to expand the educational and social mission of the iCan Dream Center by providing financial backing beyond the means of our public funding, and by fostering long-term community partnerships. The iCan Dream Foundation raises funds for the exclusive, specific, and explicit benefit of the students and families of iCan Dream students. The Foundation identifies unfunded school projects, and through fundraisers, corporate and private contributions, grant funding, and private contributions, has been able to financially support many new initiatives since its inception in 2021, including the iCan Dream Parent Logics program, the community Adulting conference, technology for student use, and more. The iCan Dream Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund the unfunded needs of existing educational programming for iCan Dream Center students and families. You are invited to get involved through volunteerism, support of fundraisers, or donating.

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