Don’t Let Experiences of Trauma Stop Your Growth

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Don’t Let Experiences of Trauma Stop Your Growth

Don’t Let Experiences of Trauma Stop Your Growth

Always remember your importance and your worth. There is no one out there like you, and you are capable of accomplishing the unique things that bring you happiness. Seeking happiness is not selfish. 

Take a moment to reflect on small successes and the goals you would like to accomplish as you move forward. Growing and learning are part of change as you transform and mature. 

Do not feel guilty for stepping back from relationships to concentrate on your wants and needs. Do not blame yourself, your family history, your upbringing, or others for your struggles. Trauma can overwhelm you, but it can also eventually lead to intense personal growth (Murphy, 2014). 

Maintain Hope throughout the Process

Be the best version of yourself. You have overcome obstacles that you thought you could not. Post-traumatic growth can be considered an outcome as well as a process. It is about maintaining a sense of hope that, not only can a person who has experienced trauma survive, but they can also experience positive life changes as a result (Trauma Recovery, 2013). 

You are capable of greatness if you believe in yourself and trust your path. Remember to surround yourself with positivity and ignore the negativity. 

Change is inevitable. We do not have to make a decision for change to happen. It happens with or without our consent. Growth is what is optional. It only happens with our consent and when we make the decision to grow (Stoner, 2019). 

You are worthy.

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