Celebrate Giving Tuesday Season by Giving Back

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Celebrate Giving Tuesday Season by Giving Back

Celebrate Giving Tuesday Season by Giving Back

We have all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two intense days of shopping and deals, ironically following a day of thanks. But don’t forget the Giving Tuesday, which commenced yesterday.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Giving Tuesday is a day of heightened generosity when people give to their favorite charities. The movement has spread to more than 85 countries with around $2.7 billion donated in the US alone on Giving Tuesday 2021.

It’s not just about money, however. GivingTuesday.org also encourages people to volunteer and promote acts of kindness.

Joining in on Giving Tuesday looks different for everyone, and that’s part of what is so special about it. Some people will donate to food drives, others will deliver meals to the elderly, or parents might have a conversation with their children about what it means to be a generous person–each example is meaningful, each example is impactful. It all makes a difference,” Giving Tuesday CEO, Asha Curran, wrote.

Organizers hope the kind acts people start on Giving Tuesday become year-round habits.

There’s a tremendous amount of giving between Giving Tuesday and December 31st and then there’s significantly less. So, for organizations that depend on individual donations, funding can get dry come around September, October. Setting up a recurring gift to a nonprofit organization can be an excellent way to spread donations out to worthy causes.

Even a small charitable act can make a big difference for others.

What we notice at iCan Dream Center is that in times of conflict, in times of unparalleled division, and in times of fear and uncertainty, a simple act of care for others creates a wave of generosity that has an outsized impact on communities and on people’s lives.

Here are some ways you can create your own ripple that can turn into a wave of generosity.

  • Give a monetary gift to a nonprofit organization before year’s end. Make the gift recur monthly for maximum impact!
  • Identify what you can give to others in terms of time and talent and approach charities about giving the important gift of your own human capital!
  • Find a giving partner and work together to start a giving partnership. It could be as simple as identifying a cause close to your heart and agreeing to work there together every month.
  • Give the gift of connection. Loneliness is an epidemic this time of year. And post-pandemic, with mental health still a concern for many, reaching out to those in need of connection and friendship is powerful.
  • Give the gift of food. Food is a human right, not a privilege.  Know where your local food pantry is located and set a habit to connect with the folks who run it. What kinds of things do they regularly see and need? Maybe you can help fill in a gap?

For Giving Tuesday, you can support the iCan Dream Center’s mission to give students with disabilities a chance to thrive. To donate click here.  And thank you.