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Dream A Big Dream

A goal is termed as an aim, an end, or a target to an innate desire.  

However, to set personal goals sends a message to self that a desired end is awaiting. It also sets a certain level of motivation for whatever the aspiration. 

We feel that goal setting and motivation work hand in hand because without the drive to complete the work, the goal is not maintained and becomes less attainable. 

Personal goals simply signify a want that is important enough to inspire action. Goals can be considered as short-term or long-term. Each term is relevant to the aspiration.  

A great way to look at our goals is to set both short- and long-term goals. We use short term goals a lot throughout the course of the day in our learning environment. Sometimes this is the only way that we can get through our day smoothly and without complications. Setting short-term goals has its risks of not being accomplished because of the rise and fall of the day. However, short-term goals, if interrupted, could easily be worked into the days to come.  

Long-term goals are more complex. Long-term goals could involve working simultaneously on several short-term goals. Within the walls of iCan Dream Center, we set goals to help remind us of the task at hand and the bigger picture. 

We teach our students the many benefits of setting short and long-term goals. Often, youth have been told not to dream and they subsequently live their lives experiencing countless limitations. We condition youth to celebrate their small, quick attainable targets. 

This helps build momentum to inspire the students to press forward to their next objective. Before they know it, they are digging deeper inside themselves to reach goals that they never thought possible. 

 Moreover, goals that were discouraged because of a disability become a possibility and eventually, with support and encouragement, a realization. Our constant aim is for our students to leave with the desire to thrive and to dig deep to achieve and exceed their unique dreams.