Tips for Making Summer Reading Fun!

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Tips for Making Summer Reading Fun!

Tips for Making Summer Reading Fun!

Summer break is right around the corner and although it is good for students to get a break from school, it is important to keep them active in their learning. Keeping kids’ heads in books can help them continue to grow and retain knowledge they learned in school. One way to keep your child engaged in learning is having them read over summer break. This allows them to remain motivated in learning and can build their confidence when it’s time to return to school in the fall. Below are 5 tips for parents on how to engage your child in literacy over the summer! 

  1. Take your child on regular trips to the library. 

Taking a trip to the library to pick out books can be a more positive experience than just giving them books to read. Make regular visits to the library and allow your child to pick out books that  interest them.

  1. Make reading part of the summer routine. 

Just like having a routine for brushing teeth, showering, and meal time, make time for reading! Set a time each day that your child is supposed to be reading. This can be before bedtime or after they wake up in the morning. You can even reward them with screen time after reading time is completed.

  1. Lead by example. 

You can’t expect your child to read without setting an example. Therefore, when it is time to read, it may be helpful to read a book that you like with your child. Leading by example will show your child that this is a fun time and not punishment. 

  1. Make a “summer fun journal.”

Not only is it important to have your child practice their reading, but it is equally important to practice their writing. Have your child pick out a journal or decorate a simple notebook and give them prompts to write/journal about. If you take your child out to a restaurant or to the grandparents’ house, have them journal about their experience afterwards. 

  1. Create a prize bucket for each book your child reads!

After each book your child completes, let them pick out a prize! This is a prime example of positive reinforcement. By letting them pick out a prize, it will motivate them to finish another book in the future.