When is a Therapeutic Setting a Good Idea for a Student?

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When is a Therapeutic Setting a Good Idea for a Student?

When is a Therapeutic Setting a Good Idea for a Student?

When a parent realizes their child is not thriving in school, even despite the school district’s very best efforts to work with the child, they can feel defeated and alone. Conversely, when the school team is concerned that their large public-school setting is simply not working and their student is at risk of failing, solutions are needed to push the student forward, so they do not fall between the cracks. In times like these, sometimes a therapeutic school is the answer.

When to consider a therapeutic school

As a rule, parents and school districts often consider a therapeutic school for a student who struggles with meeting special education goals, or are held back by emotional, behavioral, or trauma-involved issues. Because therapeutic settings are smaller with more individualized instruction, students receive the intensive one-on-one support they need to thrive.

How do the programs work?

Each therapeutic school has proprietary procedures and philosophy. But the best settings concentrate on providing a highly structured, yet personalized, supportive environment in which students can learn new behaviors that support learning and growth. Therapeutic schools offer the intensive support and encouragement necessary to reduce negative habits and replace them with new patterns that lead to growth. At iCan Dream Center, we accomplish this in many ways, including low student to teacher ratio, group and individual counseling sessions, restorative justice practices, creative programming, whole family support and more.

What do therapeutic schools cost?

Therapeutic settings can sometimes be paid for independently by a family, but in most cases, there are no costs a family pays to iCan Dream Center for a student to attend.

How do I enroll my child in a setting like this?

At iCan Dream Center, we work closely with local school districts, parents/guardians, and students to determine if the iCan Dream Center is a good fit for the student. The first step a parent/guardian or school district can take is setting up a tour and a meeting.  From there, the team works in tandem. We take great pride in the collaborative relationships we have with our partner school districts and families alike in our mutual desire to work as a team to push a student on the best path possible forward.